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Pupil Groups

The pupils regularly work together in groups, which are responsible for planning and organising different areas of the curriculum.

The RRS (Rights Respecting Schools) group oversee our responsibilities as a Rights Respecting School.  All the groups have a responsibility to ensure we are remembering to include the articles included in the UNICEF Convention of the Rights of the Child but this group helps to remind us and helps to make sure we are recording all we do.

The Technology Group keep the website and Glow intranet up to date. They also research and test any new resources before teaching other pupils how to use them, including apps for our IPads..

The Fundraising Group look at the work of different charities and sometimes organise events in school and the community to raise money.

The Gardening group, help to look after our school grounds. They grow seeds, clear litter, make homes for wildlife and enjoy going for walks around the village to learn about nature. They recycle paper and cardboard from the classrooms and office. They are also responsible for helping to look after the chickens.  We have had Green Flag status since 2006.

The Playground Helpers organise games for pupils of all ages in the playground and help to keep pupils playing happily. Some pupils have done Young Leader training.

The Junior Safety Officers (JSOs) ensure that the school is a safe place, for example by carrying out fire safety practises and talking to pupils about security and internet safety. They also take P1 pupils for a walk around the village to learn about road safety every year.