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Mr Roulston’s class

Term 2

Numeracy – The class will continue to complete daily mental maths problems. On Monday and Wednesday the children will answer a set of questions and on Tuesday and Thursday we will work together and use Number Talks to discuss strategies for these problems and work out the correct answers. We will also focus on Information Handling and Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. Children will aim to become much more confident in these particular maths areas. Children will also complete daily Sumdog assessments and other games.


Literacy – Children will continue to work through a variety of different reading activities during the week. These include carousel reading, drama, freeze frames, comic strip creations, paired reading, book reviews and many more. These activities allow the children to work on and improve a wide variety of skills. Also with Christmas fast approaching the children have suggested creating a Christmas drama performance, which could be performed during an assembly. Watch this space.


The writing focus for this term is story writing/narrative writing. The children have already created story mountain planners which will help them create stories which are orientated correctly. As a group they will be trying to expand their vocabulary to help write detailed descriptions of settings and characters.

Also in writing children will complete daily comprehension activities. The focus will be to complete full sentence answers and use the skills of inference and deduction to create well informed answers. These full sentence answers will also be written in excellently presented joined handwriting.


Topic – Having enjoyed looking at the Picts and the Celts we have decided to move our attention further afield. This term we will be studying the Ancient Egyptians. So far the children have created spider diagrams with different aspects of Egyptians life that they would like to look at in more detail. These include finding out about Tutankhamun and of course some of the girls want to know about what Egyptian fashion was like many thousands years ago.


HWB – We plan to continue with our outdoor activities. Children will build dens, create outdoor art and play lots of other games. The children are also taking part in swimming lessons every Monday and are enjoying improving their strokes. Everyone will also take part in activities which show the importance of being honest, respectful and kind.